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As promised, here are the 2-phrase tunes that I found. Thought short ones might lead to getting 'a few under the belt' quickly, but by no means feel limited to these. And, short does not necessarily mean easy.

Obviously this only addresses Fiddle Tunes; if you are interested in songs, please speak up and perhaps start a parallel discussion.

Please let us know ones you are interested in, either from below or from the full list at:


and I'll start posting (with some delay for comment) until we've used up our allotment of 8 freebie's.





--- Two-Phrase Fiddle Tunes ---
Brushy Run (OT, G)
Citaco (OT, G)
*Cotton Eye Joe (OT, A) not Fr.-Canadian of same name
*Cripple Creek (OT, A(2))
*Cumberland Gap (OT, G)
The Dusty Miller (ISJ, G), not BG of same name
Ducks on the Millpond (OT, D)
*Eighth of January (OT, C or G - separate examples)
*Fiddler's Dram (OT, D(2))
Johnny's Gone to France (Em, IR)
*Lost Indian (BG/OT, G)
Rocky Road to Dublin (ISJ, A)
McGettrick's Reel (IR, G)
Moll Roe's (ISJ, D)
Monsignoir's Blessing (IR, D)
Old Molly Hare (OT, D(2))
Run Boy Run (OT, D)
*Sally Goodin (BG/OT, A(2))
Sinking Creek (BG, G)
Sheep and Hogs Walking Through the Pasture (OT, G)
X - Shootin' Creek (OT, D)
Spanish Jig (OT jig, C)
Sourwood Mountain (OT, G)
Walking in the Parlor (short ver., OT, C)


abreviations (Type, Key)

BG - Bluegrass; OT - Old Time, IR - Irish Reel, ISJ - Irish Slip Jig (9/8 time)

(No two-phrase Irish Jigs (6/8 time), but plenty of longer ones in the full listing)

Keys such as A(2) means the example will be played capoed at the second fret, in the actual key of A, thus Key of G chord shapes and fingerings.

* Ones that I (sort of) recognized on a first listen - probably means they are quite common

X- audio already posted (Granger's as source, but not his recording)


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 From this first list I vote for "Cumberland Gap".

Hey Ganon...you know I just have to request the Granger tune "Mike Malone-y" LOL

Trying to find a tune that isn't all over the internet

Wayne - I'll second Cumberland Gap - simply a catchy tune, most likely somewhat familiar, an extremely important set of chords. And it is both a song and a tune, so you can find words if you like (a subject worthy of its own discussion).

Mike - How could I refuse (I LOL too), Actually - it sounds relatively simple, and is a French-Canadian Jig (something that doesn't show up on the shorties list), so should give nice variety.

The only 'doctoring' I'm going to on Granger's files is too remove his announcement of the tune title at the beginning - you'd get real tired of it quick, and you should soon be able to identify the tune by listening, not being told.

Have fun!



ps ~ PC people, you should be able to play simply by clicking, download by "right-click\save target as"

Mac - you are on your own.

I guess I can choose one too, with a slight twist. It's a two-chord Irish reel, played (mostly) out of first position.

This is excellent Ganon!...I'm going to give Cumberland Gap a try....Wow thats'

quite the index of fiddle tunes!

Super Lee! It's a great one to start with. The 'B-phrase' is obviously up the, neck. After you get it, a great exercise is to see if you can find it an octave lower (at/near) the home position. Variations and (simple) improvisation!

If there was any doubt, this is not Adam Granger (so we still have 5 left). It's a short 12 second break to I song that I'd like to be able to play before my 70th Birthday.

If you recognize it out of context - good for you, your ear is already pretty good!


this is cool. I can't identify it. Sounds a little like Russ B, a little like Scott N.... 


Hi all, from other discussions, it seems like we have a bit of Catch-22. How can you request tunes that you might like if you don't know what they sound like? To remedy that, I have placed 5 tunes from one of my iTunes play lists entitled 'Granger shorties for ear learning' (i.e., the shortest and simplest ones i could find). I have placed them on the player on my page. You may listen to them there but not download them, then if there is one that interests you - request it and I will post a downloadable version here in this discussion. Similarly, if there are others on the BIG list that you think you might be interested in, I'm sure Adam would not object to me posting a 'listen only' version, to help in the decision process. (Once we reach our limit of 8, the 'listen only' versions will disappear; if fact, I'll keep the total of listen only + downloadable <= 8). So, let me know if there is something specific that interests you!

Best to all,



Hi all, been most of a month - I've put my take on Cumberland Gap in the player on my page. No video in case anyone is still working on it. Mostly from Granger, but the B section is done in the lower register the first time through, and the slide comes from Kathy.
Nice picking, Ganon. Lovely sound on that guitar and a real good job on the transcription!


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