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In addition to the Skillet Lickers I have been listening to some other players who in my mind's ear showcase the principles of Dan's Rhythm Essentials:

Wayne Henderson backing up Kirk Sutphin on "Old Roots and New Branches"
Annadeene Fraley backing up J.P. Fraley on "Maysville"
Susie Goehring with Rayna Gellert on "Starch and Iron"
Dirk Powell on a variety of recordings

There's a bunch more, but I've been trying to focus my attention to get the most from the Essentials.

Just an aside, for some recordings I have found that the rhythm guitar is better heard on my car speakers than anything else!


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"Just an aside, for some recordings I have found that the rhythm guitar is better heard on my car speakers than anything else!"

I've noticed my headphones pickup a lot more than my speakers.
I attended a 3-hour rhythm guitar workshop with Jim Nunnally in Portland (left coast) yesterday. He spent almost the whole time very successfully teaching around ten of us 8 different strumming patterns. He also helped understand when the various patterns would and would not be appropriate in various musical settings. In that context, he also had us work on dynamics.

It was a great workshop with very practical and immediate benefits. I also picked up his Strumming DVD that covers the 8 patterns we did yesterday plus several more.

I just downloaded FP Essentials yesterday and am anxious to dive in.

Thanks for the heads up on Jim Nunally. I just got his Gloria's Waltz album on iTunes. Mostly songs and perfect playing "to sell the song." Jim's guitar is right up front in the mix so you can hear what he's doing and man is it good! Simple but with a lot of drive and soul. I might pick up his DVD and will definitely keep an eye out for him doing any workshops in my neck of the woods.

I also got Clark Kessinger's "Old Time Fiddle and Guitar." It's Clark Kessinger on fiddle and Gene Meade on guitar. Again the guitar is right up front in the mix and you can really hear some great old time style rhythm playing.

That was it for my iTunes binge. I do miss the liner notes though...


Yes, I did get ""Old Time (with) Fiddle and Guitar" on iTunes. And right you are, it's now shown as a "partial album" not available. I wonder what gives there; it's not like a physical item that can be shipped. And it's not available on Amazon either.

However, I'm pretty sure Gene Meade played on most everything that Clark Kessinger recorded, some of which is available. BTW, I read somewhere that Gene Meade is a distant relative of Riley Puckett, and he sure plays some on-fire runs; and Clark Kessinger, flatpicker of the highest order, is related to Clark Kessinger.

You can get that album at the Rounder Records website (www.rounder.com). Of course, since I want it right this minute, that doesn't help me much!
Rodney, do you have any of that course material online, yet? I could sure use a copy of those strumming patterns an when to use them? If so, we could make arrangements for you to email me some of the files? Or Dropbox or whatever. I have a Mac. I'm not that computer litterate but we could work it out, I'm sure! Any costs, I'd cover or trade somthing..........
I ordered a Skillet Lickers CD and a Charlie Poole CD today. Really want to work on that old time rhythm - I love the way it sounds with all the movement on the bass strings.

If anyone wants to be able to hear a lot of old-time fiddle music, with some great guitar playing, for Free, check out this site. There are a lot of old tunes that you can listen to, especially a lot of Riley Puckett.


Check out the old-time tune index at the top of the page.

Have fun!

Wow! What a great link. Thanks for sharing. (The video features were really cool too)

On the album "Meeting on Southern Soil" by Norman Blake and Peter Ostrroushko, the song Oklahoma Redbird is an excellent example of FP Essentials Vol 1 rhythm guitar, with some great bass walks by Norman. 


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