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There are many great microphones for recording acoustic guitar (or any acoustic instrument), but many of them are accompanied by a price tag that is out of reach for many recording enthusiasts. Which mic have you achieved the best results with, and what mic do you feel gives the most "bang for the buck"? (Reasonably priced and performance that's comparable to the Neumann, Audio Technica, AKG, Sennheisser, Shure, etc. microphones that are often used in studios)

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Hi Mike,
I haven't had the chance to try one. I did speak to Fred Forrsell about it though. They were specifically designed for ribbon microphones. So one feature I think it may be lacking is phantom power.
Since it was designed by Fred Forrsell I can only imagine that it sounds great.
Hi Jim,
I got it to run a ribbon through it and yes, it doesn't have phantom as ribbons don't like it. It has 2 channels and I was wondering if I used an AT8801 external power source for a condenser, could I then run that condenser through the AEA with out any danger to the AEA or the ribbon mic. Thanks, I missed you today in Edmonton, couldn't make the clinic. All the best.
Hi Andy,

A matched pair of AKG-535s can do quite a bit. Good tone that won't break the bank. Good luck!
Studio Projects C-1 does a nice job when run thru a tube pre. You could by a car with the money you'd save on Neumanns

Steve Hart
I think good mics are like good guitars. It's better save up and get what you want. I've tried the Neumann Km184 as well as the 84's and liked them both (84's much more so), but I'm currently using a DPA 4011 through a Great River mic pre and I think it beats the Neumanns hands-down.
While I really don't know what I'm doing I enjoy messing with recording. The Mics for guitar topic prompts a question. I used to use a Fostex R-8 reel to reel and a Fostex 450 board. It had preamps built in. I have gone to computer recording since the R-8 tape transports gave out. I use a Presonus Firepod into Cubase LE. Both of these setups had pre-amps built into either the board or the Firepod. Other than tone coloration, what advantages do I get by adding external preamps? I've got a matched set of Oktava Mk-012's I usually use on guitar, a pair of MXL 603s that work ridiculously well on mandolin, some Oktava MK-219's and 319's that I use for vocals and occasional guitar and a Project G tube mic that I bought on Ebay and have played with but don't truly understand the advantages of. I don't really get the recorded sound on guitar I hear acoustically. The only thing I really have liked is mando with the MXL-603's. Should I be on the lookout for an external pre-amp?
Have any of you tried the SE Electronics GM10. It´s a guitar microphone that is attached to the guitar, so you don´t have to sit in the same position when you record. I thinking of buying one, but it would be great if any of you could tell me if it is a god mic.
Best regards
I've been picking up a few toasted old style AKG 451s and having them rebuilt with some success. A budget approach that is turning me into a believer. 'Course I still like my KM-184s.
I always found audio technika 4033 microphones excellent for recording guitar... I used to use a 4033 close and a PZM fixed to a plywood board (4feet square) placed about 3 feet away ... the PZM does a great job of picking up the bottom end and the 4033 is a brilliant full range mic...... I,ve also used a pair of Calrec 645,s which are amazing condenser mics but they are incredibly difficult to get your hands on these days because I think they have been discontinued...although I have seen them on ebay occasionally... but a pair of sm57,s strategically placed really do take some beating for guitar work....
Hey I have a question... New to recording, really don't know anything more than put the mic in front of you, turn on the recorder, and play. I have a M-box with Pro-tools and the mic that came with. Any suggestions from here? I have and use a McPherson guitar the most so if anyone knows any good tricks micing this guitar lets hear them.

Thanks, Todd

Hey Todd sorry it took so long to get a response. I have purchased a Zoom H4N and have really good recordings come out of it. It is very easy to use compared to the protools; set it up, turn it on, play. Thats about it and the sounds are clear. Todd


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