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Probably been asked before...what type of guitar to the forum members play. I am looking to purchase an upscale guitar.

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I used to play my Gibson Dove all the time and I really love that one, but now I bought a Blueridge BR-180A and I can only highly advise it. Hard times for my Dove...
My two favorites in lower priced guitars are Takamine and Blueridge.
I own a Tak FT360s BG which to put it simply is an amazing sounding guitar for BG.
I also play a Blueridge BR-183 000 sized guitar which is very sweet sounding.
My last favorite that I play is a Tak TNV 340s.

I have others but these are my favorites.
I love my New Santa Cruz Hd 28! I feel lucky to own one, it plays like a dream come true!!
Merrill - with the '36 neck, its the only way...
I see alot of name dropping here. I've been shopping for my last guitar I'll ever need for about a year. Expecting to spend about 2,500.00 and nothing I've played so far has matched my 17 yr old Yamaha LD10-E very much to my surprise. I've set this guitar up myself and it has amazing clarity and tonality up and down the whole board. I play mainly unplugged so I removed the piezio and added a Dean Markley. I used Brass bridge pins and a brass spacer under the bridge that also sets the action lower. The LD10's are a little bigger in body than your average dreadnought's so this may account for some differance. That being said I still have alot of guitars to try but I've been trying some Taylors a couple of Martin D28's D18's with a special setups, a few Ovations. some Fenders and quite a few others. So now I'm looking at my Yamaha in a whole new way. But I am still trying new guitars. I'm sure there has to be some sweet ones around I just have to get my hands on them. AS they say the guitar will let you know.
When I hear a Yamaha being described its allways a great well built guitar with good sound with great quality control. I think because it was mass produced in asian countries, at a low cost it kept it from becoming more of a higher end guitar. Thats just my impression so far since I have started looking at new guitars but I think alot of todays big name guitars are being mass produced with less control on setups verses meeting the market cost demands. So not all Martin D28's are equal. And the same goes for all major labels. So more than ever it comes down to each guitar and not brand name. It's a real guitar jungle out there. But if your wanting a guitar that retains and increases in value then you do need to buy american made guitars.
But I'm putting that Tak TF360 BG on my list. And I'm not putting any time limit on finding my perfect guitar. It may be its my Yamaha in my stable. But I will enjoy the search.
Hey Casey...

You might want to check one of these out....TAK TF360S BG ... I just picked one up and
this thing is a real canon if you're looking for BG guitar...there are some videos on youtube if you want to hear it.

I'll check one out. Thanks...
Well, in my opinion, every guitar has a voice for a certain application. I have used my 1942 Gibson J-45 (supposed holy grail) on my bosses sessions, and then again I have used a cheap 300 dollar guitar - because it fit in the track well. So it is subjective as well as what you are used to.

Concerning Yamahas, not bad for the money, but again, it depends on what you are using it for and more importantly, what your ear is able to hear. Some folks can't tell the difference between a cheap guitar and an old killer herringbone, because their ear is untrained. I like some of the old Yamahas, but have found them to be lacking in flatpicking applications (again, the ones I have heard). I recommend that you compare the Yamaha side by side to really get the difference between guitars. It's a never ending circle though...:-)
I think i posted some last year, but here it is:
I have 1975 Gallagher G 5o" Doc Watson model ( powerful good in a group)
A 1980 Takamine F 349 ( all around ,good action plays like an electric)
A 2000 Martin D18 VS 12 fret ( lots of bass good playing just for myself)
A 1973 Guild 12 string Nt ( smaller body though great sound.
There are so many new makers around since the 1980 and great guitars available.
Thanks, I came across a Ovation Adamas 12 string that really impressed me so now I'm also considering 12 strings also. I also like my other guitars for different situations. My Ovation is real nice with a slide though.
You have a nice range of ax's to play.
All very valid reasons, I do take my guitar with me to side by side compare and I've verified with others that opinions agree with mine. So at least I know its more than what I'm just hearing myself. But your right people and music are tailored to different tastes and opinions. Also the player himself brings out the sounds in any instrument. No one is totally right or wrong. I use my Ovation with a slide. It sounds better and more Blusey. I wrote to this forum because one forum responder I read replied he was poor so he only had a Yamaha guitar to play, basically apologizing for playing a Yamaha guitar, When I go to a jam session I proudly pull mine out.Secondly to relate my experience so far hunting down guitars. I'm fully expecting and willing to invest in a big brand guitar to find a more better sound. And indeed I'm still trying all the major players looking for THAT one guitar. Thanks for your input Bob.


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