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I´ve been using D'Addario EJ17 for some years and so far I think they´ve been the best brand. A couple of guys over here are getting together to order strings online and this time I thought I´d try some new brands. What is your opinion on differant brands?

I´m looking at these two brands that I have never tried before:
Dean Markley phos pronze
DR Rare and Sunbeam

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Hi Stepan,

Strings are like picks, that is what works on your guitar might stink on mine. Try medium "any-brands" on your dred untill you find what works and sound good to you. But since you asked, I've had Martin's on the D-18 and now have Elixer nano-web mediums. They play easier in my mind, but the jury is still out on the sound.


My own conclusion about strings is that phosphor bronze works best for rosewood guitars and 80/20 bronze works best on mahogany. My prevoius Martins were both mahogany and nothing sounded better than 80/20 bronze on those. On my Hd-28 D'Addario EJ´s give a good punch and lot´s of clarity.

The biggest differance between stringbrands, I belive are how long they last and their feel.

DR strings have a reputation of being very flexible. That might be good for my fretting hand but not for my picking. ´But I don´t know cause I haven´t tried them...
Everyone seems to use mediums, why is this? I have always used the Martin 80/20 bronze light
My martin has plenty of low end using the lights. I wouldn't want the bass response too much stronger than what it is now. I have been having problems picking up speed and everone's telling me that I talk to about it that1. My pick is too thin ( clayton 1.0) and 2 my strings are too light. So I have a lot of intrest and curiosity on this string subject.
Speed has nothing to do with pick- or stringgauge. I don´t know why anyone would say that! A good setup makes a guitar play easy regardless of what thickness the strings are. The pick you are using is the same gauge as most fast pickers use. Speed is gained by proper left- and right handtechnique and cordination.

Building up speed can be made by learning to play slow and clean and then gradually picking up the tempo. Always try to push yourself to play a little faster every time you practise. I use a metronome and start by playing a song slowly. Then I set the metronome a little faster and play it over again, setting it faster and play it again.
If you like the sound of lightstrings; use them! If it sounds better with medium but feels harder to play; get a good setup of your guitar!

Purchase all the picks available, all different materials and thicknesses, play them all, then tell us picks don't make a difference in speed. Till you do that, your stating your opinion about it, not fact. Too many folks here know the diffrence. Try it.

When I was working in a musicstore I tried all picks I could lay my hands on. Some felt better than others of course. Wegen bluegrass and Red Bear have a good bevel that let them slide easier off the strings and the gripping surface feels good in the hand so I prefer those.

But it is my statement that you will achive speed and accuarcy with practise not by switching picks back and forth. Find a pick you like, stick with it and practise!
I´d might add to what I wrote above that I think too many people blame their gear instead of looking at how they actually play.

You got an ordinary celluloid / nylon /delrin /or whatever-flatpick, 0.73 - 1,2 mm and you can´t play fast. What is wrong? The pick? Who is holding the pick?

I posted a thread earlier about how I wanted to change my right hand picking and how I hold the pick. I took your advice and changed my grip and started over. And I am allready getting used to it! I´m not there yet 100% but it actually feels better once I got a hang of it. The tone improved also.
I've found the thicker (1.5 and up) picks really hinder my fast 1/8th note speeds. Also the "Gator" pick by Dunlop, has a "scratchy" feel to it that hindered my using it and the Dunlop "Tortoise" picks have this "soft resistance" on the strings that anoyed me also. Now this is just me. As you mentioned the Wegen with it's beveled edge is my choice. I'm using the 1.0 Bluegrass. Love it! Every now and then I spill out my jar of 30 or so picks (1 of everything) and just spend an hour using them all on good fast bluegrass leads and I come back to the Wegen every time. But it's fun.

Where do you live Stefan?

I´m living in the southeast of Sweden in a town named Kalmar. I was born and raised on an island called Öland.
I am hooked on the new Dunlop Phosphorus bronze strings (med gauge). They are every bit as fine as any of the biggies. I highly recommend them.


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